Our Journey of Hope

We’re expecting…

on September 22, 2014



I haven’t posted since May and I know a lot of people have asked for update about how things are going so far. I didn’t want to post again until I knew more but after this past week, it is definitely time to post again. Bare with me because this may be a little long but I promise it will be worth the read.


First I say that God has been with us every step of the way, even at times when we felt alone. About a month ago, Bryan began looking for a new job and even had one company assure him after a few interviews that he had a job with them but that it would be a few weeks before he would get the official word. Weeks began to pass and we still didn’t know anything about Bryan’s job and we began to worry. Bryan called to check in with the supervisor that had guaranteed him the job only to find out the job had fallen through. Needless to say we were upset until we realize this was just the beginning of God’s work. We found out a few days later that Bryan’s current employer offers Adoption Assistance and that he was eligible to receive the assistance. Although the amount would not even come close to paying for the entire process we felt like this was God telling us it was time to really push forward with the adoption process.

We decided to put in our application with the adoption agency that we had met with back in April. So on Monday September 15th, we took our application to the agency. We were both nervous about turning in our application, even so that that when Bryan turned in the application and they asked if it was for international adoption or domestic adoption Bryan answer.. “uhh… US.” The lady laughed and assured Bryan not to be nervous and that things would be ok. Bryan was told that it would take 2-4 weeks for us to hear back about whether we were going to be accepted by the agency or not. At this point Bryan was feeling confident and I was very nervous but knew that there was nothing more I could do but pray and trust in God.


The next day I received an email from the counselor at the agency saying that she had gotten our application but was unable to process until she asked a few questions. I became nervous and immediately my thoughts turned to everything negative that could be wrong. Bryan assured me that everything would be fine and I needed to call. When I talked to counselor she asked a few questions and asked me to talk to Bryan and call her back. When I called her back the phone call couldn’t have gone any better. She told me that she would process our application in the next few days and we would hear from them soon. I asked how long she thought it would be until we heard something to which she responded “oh I’m turning your paperwork in to my supervisor you should hear something within the week. I want you to get the paperwork before the class starts in October.” I immediately got off the phone and told Bryan I thought we were in but we would know later this week.


Saturday, September 20th, we received the letter that we are official accepted at Miriam’s Promise Pregnancy, Parenting, and Adoption Services in Nashville!! We are so excited to be starting this journey. God has been working throughout this process already. We have a class that we have to take, which is only offered twice a year, before we can do anything else. This class will start October 2nd and our first payment of $750 is due at this time. That leaves us less than 2 weeks until the class starts and initial our thought was to panic but instead we know that if we continue to trust in God, He will provide. We have added a GoFundMe link on our blog for anyone that feels lead to help us with this journey as the cost is not cheap to adopt. Our total expenses will be b/w $8500 and $12000 to adopt. ( http://www.gofundme.com/bryanlizadoption ) For those who are not able to help financially at this time we would ask for your continued prayers and support during this time. We also ask for prayers for the potential birth mom and child that we will be matched with in the months to come.



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