Our Journey of Hope

Frequently Asked Questions…

on October 20, 2014

I just want to take a few minutes to thank everyone for everything since we have announced this journey we are on together. How do you say thank you enough for someone giving you the chance at something you have wanted for so long, the chance to have a family. It is not rare for Bryan to come home to me sitting on the couch in tears due to something that has happened to make me overjoyed whether it is a donation, a comforting word, or a congratulatory hug. I know that some people choose to keep this journey a secret due to the emotional roller coaster it can cause and I have been asked why we choose to be so open, and honestly I feel like its because we believe that it really does take a village and we are blessed to have such a wonderful group of family and friends.


I have gotten a lot of questions lately so I thought I would take the time to explain a little. First, let me start by saying I’m new to this and don’t have all the answers yet myself so I’m learning as all of you are as well.

—What is the process?: The first step is our Home Study Group classes. The group process is the first step in completing our home study. We meet one night a week for six weeks for 2 ½ hours. The group serves to prepare us for adoption and is an educational resource for adoption issues, present and future. Due to confidentiality I can’t say a lot about our group but I can tell you that there are six other couples in our group, all on their adoption and all have faced issues with infertility. We have currently complete 3 out of 6 weeks and are learning so much each week. The next step will be our home study. A home study is a process of collecting background information on potential adoptive parents, interviewing them, touring their home, writing a report summarizing all the information and ultimately rendering a decision as to whether the prospective adoptive parents have been found fit to adopt and parent a child/ren. The home study process consists of a lot of paperwork on the prospective adoptive parents end. Prospective adoptive parents will likely need to submit letters of recommendation, birth certificates, marriage licenses and divorce decrees; complete physicals, write autobiographies, and obtain several different background clearances. Once the home study has been approved we can go on a waiting list to potentially be matched with a birth family.

—How long does this take? The is no easy answer for this question. Our class take 6 weeks (remember we have complete 3 of 6 weeks). From what I have been told the home study can take 2-6 months depending on how proactive we are with getting some things done. Once on the waiting list, we could be on their 2 weeks or 2 years, there is no telling how long this process can last.

—Are you doing anything to raise money? Yes, we currently have a GoFundMe account set up at http://www.gofundme.com/bryanlizadoption which we have currently raised around $900 (some were given to us personally, instead of using the website). We also have our first big fundraiser set up for December 13th in which we will be having a Holiday Bazaar at Old Hickory Church of the Nazarene. We have several different vendors from commercial to homemade items. We will have a silent auction as well as food and a photo booth! We are very excited about all the help we have been given so far.

—How can I help? Prayer is the greatest thing that has helped. We believe that God has placed a desire in us to adopt and we are believing that in Him all of this is possible. We ask for prayers for the birth family that we will be matched with as well as the potential baby we will be matched with some day. If you are able to help financially and feel like God is telling you to help us, we are so grateful as this adoption is going to cost us anywhere b/w $8500 and $12,000.

If there are other question that you have, comment below and I would be happy to answer them. I would much rather you ask and be informed then for you to be left in the dark.


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