Our Journey of Hope

Update on the last few months

on October 17, 2015

So much has happened since I last updated this blog. I keep saying that I’m going to get better at writing more often and keeping everyone updated on this process.  The truth is sometimes this process is hard to write about because I either become embarrassed by what little has been done, overwhelmed by what is still to do, or scared to be vulnerable with everyone about the thoughts and feelings we go through in this journey. My plan is to do better about writing, at least once a month. I know that some months I won’t have much to update as far as the process is concerned but the truth is, there is so much that continues to happen in me. I have grown so much since this process began a little over a year ago. In April of 2014, Bryan and I attended an informational meeting to find out about this whole adoption journey and I never imagined at that time that today I would be sitting in my living room happy to have at least gotten through paperwork and home visit from our social worker. To some it may seem like we haven’t done much however, during this time, Bryan and I both have grown so much, emotionally, spiritually, and with each other in our marriage. We have completed adoption classes, gone through loads of paperwork, had a home visit from our social worker, completed several fundraisers, and felt more love from our family and friends then I ever thought possible. So today I’m thankful, I’m blessed and I’m loved so much more than I could ever imagine.


So what all have we been doing since our last post:    

May 14th: Sweet CeCe’s fundraiser with our support group, Adoption Rocks (raised $110 total to split b/w the 4 couples)

July 18th: Softball tournament (raised around $2100)

August 22nd: Pampered Chef fundraiser (raised $98.79)

August 30th: Origami Owl fundraiser ($130 raised)

September 22nd: Turned in HomeStudy Application and met with our newly assigned Social Worker, Kathy

October 5th: Bryan completed his individual interview with our social worker

October 8th: Elizabeth completed her individual interview with our social worker

October 13th: HomeStudy home visit (Our social worker was checking to make sure our home was safe and had adequate space for a child. We also had to make sure to have a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, safety covers on outlets, proper hot/cold water, working A/C & heat, etc)


What’s Next: Our social worker will spend the next 3-4 weeks writing up our homestudy and putting together all necessary documents needed to show that we are homestudy approved. During the next few weeks while she works on that, Bryan and I will be putting together our profile. Our profile will consist of a Resume (which is basically a 1-page introduction that includes a picture of us as well as some basic information on who we are and what sets us apart from other prospective adoptive families), pictures of us with family and friends, and a Dear Birthmother letter. All of these things will be binded together to form a book that will be shown to prospective birthmoms. We are to make 10 copies of our book.


How Can you Help: – Prayer is always the best and first thing that we ask for from others. We are praying for our finances, the birthmother that we will be matched with, as well as our own families, and being able to complete our profile in a way that is true to who we are yet still makes us stand out from the others.

-2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar. On November 21st we will host our 2nd holiday bazaar. Last year we were blessed by having such a great turnout and are praying that this year is just as good. We are just about at full capacity with vendors but still have room for those who may want to volunteer to their time to help us with various things.

– We also have our t-shirts that we are still selling. We have dropped the price from $15 to $10 so make sure you get one while they still last. Also we have added a new section to our blog titled, Crafts2Cradle where Elizabeth has begun selling string art to help with adoption costs.  





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