Our Journey of Hope

What’s the Update?

on September 25, 2016

What’s the update? Have you heard anything about your baby? How much longer? We still don’t have answers to these questions and honestly we have even more questions of our own now.

Not long ago I emailed our social worker to get an update on how things were going and if we had any updates. I was hopeful that I would hear some good news but instead heard something more devastating. Not only had we still not been matched but our profile had not even been shown! I read the email several times, was I reading it correctly? Did I miss something? I got Bryan to read it too But I hadn’t misread, we learned that in the 10 months we have been on the wait list, our profile had not been shown to any expectant mothers. Hurt, anger, frustration, and sadness filled us both. We were told there were a few reasons for this; it’s been a slow year, what we are looking for hasn’t matched up with the mothers, etc.  My heart sank; is this ever going to happen? Are we ever going to be matched? And when will the pain go away?


We were told that there are a few things we can do to help speed up the process and this brings me to the point of my blog tonight. One thing we are working on is making a website since many expectant mothers are now using social media to find adoptive parents. I have been working on updating this site and will be posting more frequently as well as our Facebook page but we are also putting together a website on a nationally recognized site where many couples are being matched. I will post that site once it is up and running. Also, with this being said we will now be open to a potential match that could be in another state which begins to become more expensive. We still have some money saved in our adoption account but will be looking to raise another $5000 to $8000 to help with the additional funds needed.  We are working on a few fundraisers including another holiday bazaar this year as well as other things. But we really need your prayers, helping us spread our information, and continued support. I had a friend tell me once that when we finally get our baby that all our friends and family will be just as happy since they have been on this journey with us and I believe it. Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t send a message, call or let us know they are praying for us so thank you because that means more then you can imagine!


Feel free to share this blog with others and look around our site as we have updated some things. Also, we still have adoption t-shirts you can purchase as well as string art orders!


Waiting for God to act during infertility | AmateurNester.com:


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