Our Journey of Hope

About Bryan and Elizabeth

We originally met each other while attending high school at Metro Baptist School, a small private school in Madison, TN. We dated off and on a few times while in high school but nothing serious at that time. After high school we lost contact when Bryan moved to Ohio and Elizabeth stayed in Nashville. Nearly 5 years later, we met back up on MySpace and began talking once again. Bryan told Elizabeth that he was coming back in town to visit his family one holiday weekend but actually came in to see Elizabeth. After spending the entire weekend together, Bryan decided to move back to Nashville and we became an official couple and began dating. One year later we were engaged and another year later on July 17, 2010 we were married. We have been married for a little over 6 years and look forward to what God has in store for us.  We enjoy spending time together, with our family, and with our dog Patches. Bryan also enjoys fishing, hunting, and playing video games while Elizabeth enjoys softball, crafting and hanging out with friends. We are active members at Old Hickory Church of the Nazarene and are very thankful to our church family for all the support over the years.We hope you will enjoy reading our blog and will keep us in your prayers during this time in our life.


How we like to spend our time: 

417913_622901729259_10230113_n                 razor                 snow

Predators hockey game                                     Riding on Polaris Razor                                Sledding in the snow


christmas                   titans             kingsisland

Christmas at Opryland                                     Titans Draft Party             King’s Island Theme Park



With Our Family

13781786_10209731020614394_6208892781044480124_n             profile2

Luau with Bryan’s family in FL                                              Bryan with Elizabeth’s dad


profile1          monopolyandicecream

Bryan & Elizabeth with her sisters                                      Playing board games with Elizabeth’s cousins

ss               wakeboard

Elizabeth with her sister                                                             Bryan and his twin brother Ryan


christmascruise                       bryananddad

Christmas Cruise with Bryan’s family                                            Bryan helping Elizabeth’s dad with Christmas lights


Bryan & Elizabeth with her family                                      Bryan & Elizabeth with his mom  and step dad

at their Christmas Bazaar fundraiser


Elizabeth with her mom and mother in law at baby shower



Our Favorites:

Bryan                                                                                             Elizabeth

  1. Food:                                                                                                           1. Food:
  2. TV Show:                                                                                                    2. TV Show:
  3. Hobbies:                                                                                                     3. Hobbies:
  4. Thing about Elizabeth:                                                                            4. Thing about Bryan:
  5. Thing to do with Elizabeth:                                                                    5. Thing to do with Bryan:



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