Our Journey of Hope

Timeline & Financial Costs

4/15/14: Informational meeting at Miriam’s Promise

9/12/14: Bryan dropped off adoption application at Miriam’s Promise ($200)

9/17 /14: Received acceptance letter to Miriam’s Promise

10/2/14: 1st week of Home Study Group Class (continue to meet once a week, for 2 ½ hours for the next 5 weeks) ($750)

11/6/14: Last Home Study Group Class completed.

  • Home Study Packets given in class to complete and turn in at a later date

2/13/15: Finger printing & Background check ($77)

2/26/15: Physicals, blood test, and TB Skin test ($56*2= $112)

9/22/15: Home Study Application ($1000)

2/29/16: Home Study Completion fee ($1,500)



Total to date: $3,639


Still to be paid:

Due at time of placement: $2625

Due at time of adoption finalization: $2625

Attorney fee: b/w $1000-$2000

Total: $7250


If Adoption come from out of state, that can raise the price $5,000-$8,000 more.


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